Yes, Celebrities Get Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic Dry Eye affects millions of Americans, but they don’t realize it. This condition is when you constantly have itchy and irritated eyes, even waking in the middle of the night because it’s so bothersome, or having grit in your eyes when you wake up in the morning. People suffer from this condition for years, having to continuously apply eye drops, sometimes a few times in an hour.


Jennifer Aniston’s Story

In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston was asked if she’s addicted to anything. She laughingly replied that she’s addicted to eye drops; she uses them sometimes up to three times an hour because her eyes are always so irritated. Reading was difficult for her and she’d get painful headaches, often having to take breaks at work from looking at scripts or being in front of lights and the camera. Aniston thought this inconvenience was fairly normal and caused by allergies or her fair eyes; she never considered it was a diagnosable condition that she had dealt with for years.

Soon after this interview, the pharmaceutical company, Shire (who Aniston is now a spokesperson for), approached her and asked if she’d be interested in helping with a campaign to raise awareness for the condition. This partnership resulted in MyEyeLove, a website that provides visitors with information on Chronic Dry Eye. Aniston now no longer experiences excruciating pain in her eyes and can make it through the day without relying on her eye drops.


What You Can Do About Chronic Dry Eye

So, do you believe that you might have Chronic Dry Eye? Are you wondering what you can do about it? First, you can read up about the condition on MyEyeLove’s webpage, then schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. Most people don’t visit their eye doctor for regular check-ups, even though regular eye exams are important for not just your eye health, but for the rest of your body too.

Once you’ve determined that you have Chronic Dry Eye, there are various treatments you can pursue. Treatment may include one of the various medicated eyedrops that your doctor can prescribe for you; these are stronger than normal eye drops and require less application. Steroid eye drops may be recommended, to reduce the inflammation, which is often the main cause of Chronic Dry Eye. Take a look at this list, which provides the various treatment options for Chronic Dry Eye.

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