Questions To Ask Your Eye Doctor

If you have an appointment with your eye doctor coming up, it is important to know what kind of questions to ask them when the time comes. For any appointment you have coming up it is important to prepare yourself with relevant questions for your health care professional. Here we will briefly talk about what kind of preparation and questions you should prepare before your appointment.


Certain questions should be asked depending on what the cause of your visit is. If it is a normal checkup then you will not have to have the same questions prepared compared to if you are going to get a different prescription or discussing current vision problems.


Basic Questions


Regardless of your reasoning for having an appointment with your eye doctor there are some basic questions that you should ask every time. Here are some examples of basic questions for your eye doctor:


  • What kind of tests will I be undergoing today?
  • What are some ways I can monitor my eye health and vision?
  • How often should I schedule an eye exam?
  • What kind of lifestyle changes could I make to help with my vision health?


These generic questions will give you a wealth of information that can help you understand your vision health and maintain it outside of your doctor’s office.


Elevated Questions


If you are visiting your eye doctor to discuss recent changes in your vision or dealing with an ongoing vision problem, the questions you ask may be a bit different. Here are a list of some questions that may be relevant to ask:


  • Will I need medication or surgery for my vision problem?
  • What future symptoms should I be aware of?
  • Am I still able to drive?
  • Are there any side effects from the prescribed medications?
  • While Insurance cover the costs of the treatment?


These questions are a bit more serious but are necessary depending on the severity of your vision problems.


Always come prepared to your eye doctor visits and you will gain much more out of the time with your doctor then if you did not come prepared. Trust your doctor and their decisions and bring a friend with you just in case you undergo tests that prohibit you from driving a short amount of time afterwards.


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