Macular Holes

Macular Holes have the potential to cause vision loss in some serious cases. The Macula is in the center of the retina and is arguably the most important part of the eye. Macular Holes can form in a variety of different ways and can have several symptoms before they create significant vision loss. This article will briefly talk about what Macular Holes are and how they are caused.




Macular Holes is formed by a break in the Macula. The Macula is in the retina of the eye and is used to help us see and interpret small details. The Macula is used for driving, reading and helping us achieve 20/20 vision. Macular Holes can be caused by several different factors. Aging is the leading cause of Macular Holes. As we age the gel-like substance called vitreous can shrink. This substance makes up about eighty percent of our eye and lines the walls of the retina. When the vitreous shrinks it can pull away from the retina and create a hole. The pulling away from the retina can cause natural fluids to take its place. That hole can then be filled with the natural fluid and cause vision impairment. A few other causes of Macular Holes not related to aging include diabetic eye diseases, myopia or nearsightedness, and eye injury.




In some cases a Macular Hole does not need to be treated and can sometimes heal itself in time. In a situation where a Macular Hole does require treatment, a surgery can be performed to help heal Macular Holes. A Vitrectomy can be performed to heal the Macular Hole over time. A Vitrectomy is an extremely accurate procedure that requires patients to be under local anesthesia. A Vitrectomy is performed by removing the vitreous from the eye and replacing it with a bubble that stops the vitreous from pulling on the retina. Over time the bubble while dissolve and be replaced with natural fluids by the eye. Patients are asked to remain in a face-down position throughout the recovery period of a Vitrectomy so that the hole heals correctly. Recovery from a Vitrectomy could take as long as three months.

Talk to your doctor to learn what would be the best way to treat your Macular Hole!

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