How to Avoid Eye Injuries

While a lot of eye injuries occur on the job, particularly when you work in a field that involves heavy labor, such as construction or installation, nearly half of eye injuries happen in the home. Eye injuries more frequently happen to men and children as well. Such injuries can have devastating effects, possibly resulting in permanent blindness. Here are some tips on avoiding common home eye injuries that can easily be prevented when the right precautions are taken.

In the yard

Eye injuries are incredibly common in the yard because of all the particles that are often disturbed during activity. It’s important to always wear safety goggles when doing yard work, especially when operating a lawn mower or weedwhacker. A stone or small piece of wood can easily fly up and lodge itself in the eye. It’s also important to keep children out of the yard while mowing so no errant debris hit them. Wear safety goggles when dealing with hazardous lawn chemicals and always store them out of reach of children.

Children playing

Everyone knows that accidents happen, especially with kids at play. But, it’s also important to minimize the risk to your child as much as possible. Always examines a child’s toys to make sure there are no small or sharp pieces that could cause an eye injury. It’s also wise to prevent young children from playing with toys that have projectiles, such as BB guns or arrows that aren’t very blunt. Avoid laser pointers, especially green ones. Direct exposure to a child’s eyes for even a few seconds can cause damage. When dealing with lasers, make sure to never point them in anyone’s eyes. Also teach children how to properly play with pets, particularly dogs. No matter how friendly a dog is, their behavior can be unpredictable and dog bites frequently occur on the face because someone gets too close and stresses out the animal. Always make sure you and your child wear during sports as well.

Working around the house

Like the yard, it’s important to wear protective eyewear when doing work in the home that can result in injuries. Cleaning chemicals are often dangerous and can splash into your eyes if you aren’t properly protected. Small repairs or using tools can also cause particles to fly and it’s important to prevent injury with goggles. During normal activities, like cooking with grease or using hot implements like curling irons, be cautious and aware of any risks. Scissors, utensils, and small, sharp objects, like paperclips or fishhooks, can be dangerous to children, so observe their use of these items or keep them out of reach.

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