How EnChroma Glasses Work

\A company called EnChroma has recently created a unique pair of sunglasses that can help solve red-green colorblindness.


How We See Color


Our eyes interpret color when light is reflected off an object and into our retina. Our photoreceptor cells in our eyes have the job of deciphering color mainly through three primary colors: red, blue, and green. All other variations of color that we see fall under red, blue, and green but at different wavelengths. A different color emits a different wavelength that our eyes receive and interpret. Individuals who suffer from red-green color blindness have the retinal cone cells in their eyes overlapping each other when perceiving colors and color variations of red and green.


The Invention of EnChroma


The technology used in EnChroma glasses was created by Don McPherson who graduated from Alfred University with his Ph.D. in glass science. McPherson was working with protective glasses for doctors who perform laser surgeries. One afternoon McPherson let a friend try on his newly designed glasses and the true potential of the glasses were unlocked, McPherson’s friend happened to be color blind, and the result of trying on the glasses gave them a surprise. Later developments of the glasses led McPherson to release his first pair of EnChroma glasses in 2012.


How EnChroma Works


As explained earlier typical red-green color blindness occurs when the retinal cone cells that interpret red and green overlap making it difficult to determine different colors. “The EnChroma lens contains proprietary optical materials that selectively remove particular wavelengths of light exactly where the overlap is occurring.” The selective removal of wavelengths helps individuals separate the overlap and are able to interpret red and green colors on their own. EnChroma does not cure color blindness as much as glasses do not cure nearsightedness. EnChroma is used to help people experience the world around them in a way that some people otherwise would not be able to.


EnChroma is not a solution for careers that require a person to have normal color vision. Prices for EnChroma glasses range from $429 to $269 for children. EnChroma glasses are gaining massive popularity with new videos surfacing with people trying on their EnChroma glasses for the first time.

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