Common Eye Health Myths

At some point you may have heard some absurd information about taking care of your eyes and vision. There are a number of myths out there about eye care and eye health. But which ones are true and which ones are false? In this article we will talk about some common eye health myths and how true or how false they may be.


Eating Carrots Will Help Restore Vision


This is a false statement. Any kind of vegetable is going to be good for you because a majority of them contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential Vitamin to help your body maintain healthy skin, nails, hair, and vision. Although Vitamin A is good for you, it will not help you restore your vision.


Reading Glasses can Substitute Prescription Glasses


This statement is not entirely true. Reading glasses and prescription glasses are very different. You can normally find reading glasses in a number of stores on display and open for anyone to purchase. While these kinds of glasses can help your vision with reading fine print they are not ideal. Prescription glasses are specifically made for your eyes where reading glasses are generic. The prescription glasses will help correct astigmatism and have the right position for your eyes to use at all times.


Looking At The Sun Will Damage Your Eyes


Staring at the sun will hurt your vision if you look long enough. The invisible Ultraviolet Rays coming from the sun can cause common eye disorders such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and many others. Although you should never stare directly at the sun, the worst time of day to do so is midday or during a solar eclipse.


Sitting Too Close To The TV Can Damage Your Eyesight

This statement is false. When television was first introduced, the TV sets gave off low levels of radiation. At that time, sitting too close to a television increased the risk of eye problems in some people. Modern day televisions do not give off any kind of harmful radiation therefore not running any risk of permanent damage to your eyes.

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