Biodegradable Microneedles for The Eye

In recent months there has been news about new and exciting technologies for your eyes. Virtual Reality headsets are changing the way we interact with entertainment and the world. A new and emerging technology is beginning to change the way we fight and treat eye diseases. Scientists in Singapore are developing a new technology that will use microneedles to administer medicine through the eye. These scientists have already tested this new technology with promising results. This article will give a brief overview of the new technology and the benefits it may have to offer to patients.


Traditional Methods


For years, medical professionals have used similar methods to administer medicine to patients with eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma. Typical eye treatment methods include eye drops, oils or ointments, and sometimes eye injections. Although these methods have been effective in the past they can sometimes be uncomfortable and even painful. Scientists have created a new way to administer medicine to the eye that is less painful and seemingly more effective than traditional methods.


Biodegradable Needles


Scientists have created biodegradable needles that can administer medicine to the patient’s eye right through the cornea. Scientists in Singapore have tested this new technology and mice and, with more tests, hope to expand it to other aspects of medicine. The needles are made from hyaluronic acid and are thinner than a strand of hair. Administration is fairly simple as well. Scientists pressed the patch of needles gently directly on the eye. The extra coating of hyaluronic acid allows the medicine to dissolve slowly giving it a prolonged effect once administered.


The test’s results showed the efficiency of the process by being able to clear the ailment of the mice ninety percent of the time with a tenth of the medicine. The mice suffered from corneal vascularization and the traditional method of treating corneal vascularization is through eye drops. The biodegradable needles offers an extremely more effective and efficient way of treating these eye diseases and has potential to do much more. The needles have also proven that they do not cause damage to the cornea over time so they are completely safe for use.


The future of medicine is a promising one and the new biodegradable needles are a promising sign of that. The scientists in Singapore are continuing to develop the method of treatment and hope to expand it to clinical trials in the near future.

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