Automated Home Eye Tests

A new and emerging technology is paving a different path on how we interact with our eye doctors. A company called EyeQue has created new technology that will allow you to test and track your vision from the comfort of your home. Here we will briefly talk about the new technology from EyeQue and the advantages it has on keeping up with your eye health!

EyeQue was launched back in 2015 out of Newark, California. Since it’s initial launch, EyeQue has released three products all designed to help individuals test their vision. EyeQue has made the process quite simple. The first step is to purchase the EyeQue Insight which looks very similar to a virtual reality headset. Once you have the headset you will need to sign up for their membership and then download their free app. When all of that is completed you are ready to track and test your vision. Once the test is completed the results of the test will be stored for you to use as a reference point and will continue to be stored every time you choose to test your vision. The tests give you information about your refractive error which would measure your farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. EyeQue makes it easy for you to then order new glasses with the correct prescription based on the tests results. All of the tests and tracking of results are done through a smartphone so therefore can be easily accessed by many people.


EyeQue states that they created their products to make vision testing available to people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to. John A. Serri, CTO, COO, and co-founder of EyeQue stated “Especially when you look at it from a global perspective, in large areas of the world there are no optometrists.” EyeQue helps make vision testing and correction much easier than traditional ways of care. The tests are directed towards adults and children and have the ability to adjust accordingly.

EyeQue is setting the stage for technological advancements for eye care. The new products can be viewed as a simpler and more accessible way to help people with their vision. The team at EyeQue work closely with a group of optometrists to ensure they are delivering a accurate and precise product to their customers.

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